Football in America is not the Football that the rest of the world is in love with. Brazil really loves its football and so, Giraffas, a fast food chain in the country is doing something smart for this crowd. They noticed that 90% of their customers play with their smartphones while having meals, so they decided to make a game of it.

giraffas 620x406

They came up with the idea of the Goal Screen which combines real world and virtual world elements to deliver an interactive gaming experience right at the table. So they use the food tray as a football pitch. It has markings for taking a free kick. One end of the paper printed football field cuts-off to create the ball, and your smartphone is the goal with a goal keeper there to save any balls shot at it.

Just place the ball on the pitch and shoot with your fingertips. Now this is a unique way for a business to take advantage of smartphones. The phone knows where the ball hits thanks to the front camera, accelerometer and microphone and the virtual goalkeeper goes into action to save the goal. Awesome.