XMG Media is set up to help you – media buyers, ad agencies and direct clients globally – providing a one stop shop as our specialty is pizza box advertising and coupons worldwide. We use a number of ambient media platforms to bring your brand and message literally into the home of your target audience in each major markets you wish to focus on. Through our new state of the art manufacturing facilities we are the only company able to provide the highest quality pizza box advertising and logistics for global distribution at the most competitive prices.

How can we do this? Because we currently service pizzerias with their own pizza box advertising.

Through our intellectual property (Couponabox) we are the only company globally that can provide this advertising medium. XMG provides all information on how our pizza box advertising works and how you can most effectively get exposure, attention, and interaction with your customers at prime time – dinner, sporting events and parties; to achieve the maximum ROI. As a leader in pizza box advertising we can facilitate the whole process from artwork assistance, production, distribution and reporting along with client exclusivity.

    • Fully branded box with multiple printing options and inside box branding
    • Easy tear off detachable coupons / business cards on each box for audience interaction
    • An innovative marketing solution which provides guaranteed breakthrough
    • Exclusive branding with a 95% Recall Rate
    • Visual contact period of at least 45 minutes
    • Average of 4 people exposed to each box
    • Distribution through 10,000’s of independent pizzerias worldwide
    • Places your advertising / marketing literally in the hands of your target audience

Tap into our expertise, save time and make your day a whole lot easier. We work seamlessly with many agencies as their transparent out of home media buying arm. Let us assist you to immediately increase the amount of ambient media that you offer to clients and how pizza box advertising can enhance in the campaign you are currently planning. That’s just the start. When your clients move forward it gets even easier! Once you move forward, all you need to do is provide digital creative. From there we will handle all printing, production, transport and distribution to each individual pizzeria.

So check out what we do, explore the website and look through our case studies and campaigns. As an innovative company we always welcome your feedback or ideas.

Mission Statement

XMG is committed to making pizza box advertising the premier alternative to traditional print, mail and outdoor advertising at a local, national and international scale. We encourage clients to develop and enhance 21st century marketing strategies such as social media, online strategies and guerrilla marketing blending pizza box advertising into a balanced marketing mix of traditional advertising.