How It Works

XMG provides targeted reliable and expansive distribution worldwide.

In Australia and New Zealand we offer distribution per city per state or nationally………..

In Australia we can distribute as little as 10,000 boxes to any location. Click here to download Australian Media Kits

  • Distribution to other destinations can be organised upon request

Our international distribution is far and wide reaching……

We organise production, transport, warehousing  and assist with artwork. All our boxes are of the highest quality and are food grade FDA compliant. All you need to do is order your pizza box advertising campaign and our distribution partners will distribute to pizzerias in the designated marketing areas on a weekly basis. We are transparent with all our customers to ensure they receive quality, service and price. If you wish to organise your own distribution, that’s fine by us. We’re experienced when it comes to imports and exports logistics of pizza boxes to provide you the best possible pricing. We’re use to transporting millions of pizza boxes globally and understand the need to ensure that everything complies with the Customs Act and Quarantine Inspection Services with each country to guarantee that the Customs process is simple and drama-free. Below are container quantities and a list of some major ports to provide an indication of approximate transit times (delivery to any port globally is available). Contact us to see what’s possible.

SIZE     20ft Container 40ft HQ Container
10” 84,000 194,000
12” 63,500 147,000
13” 56,500 130,000
14” 50,000 115,000
16” 40,500 94,000
*Other Sizes Avaiable upon Request

Worldwide Transit Times

NORTH AMERICA (USA, Canada, Mexico)
Los Angeles, USA (13-20 days)
West Coast, USA (13-20 days)
New York, USA (24-33 days)
East Coast, USA (22-35 days)
Montreal, CAN (23-35 days)
Totonto, CAN (22-24 days)
Vancouver, CAN (13-25 days)
Manzanillo, MEX (16-29 days)
EUROPE (Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey)
Hamburg, Germany (26-37 days)
Tilbury, England (32-42 days)
Le Havre, France (24-35 days)
La Spezia, Italy (26-38 days)
Naples, Italy (26-37 days)
Genoa, Italy (24-36 days)
Valencia, Spain (27-39 days)
Cartagena, Spain (29-39 days)
Rotterdam, Netherlands (25-36 days)
Istanbul, Turkey (31-42 days)
Izmir, Turkey (31-41 days)
Lisboa, Portugal (27-39 days)
Thessaloniki, Greece (31-41 days)
SCANDINAVIA (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland)
Oslo, Norway (32-40 days)
Larvik, Norway (32-40 days)
Stockholm, Sweden (36-41 days)
Gothenburg, Sweden (31-41 days)
Helsinborg, Sweden (31-41 days)
Malmo, Sweden (32-39 days)
Lasby, Denmark (31-39 days)
Fredericia, Denmark (30-39 days)
Helsinki, Finland (32-40 days)
NORTH EAST ASIA (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China)
Hakata, Japan (3-5 days)
Tokyo, Japan (3-5 days)
Busan, Korea (3-5 days)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (3-5 days)
East Coast, China (3-5 days)
SOUTH EAST ASIA (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines)
Singapore (7-10 days)
Bangkok, Thailand (7-15 days)
Laem Chabang, Thailand (6-13 days)
Port Kelang, Malaysia (8-12 days)
Penang, Malaysia (9-14 days)
Surabaya, Indonesia (9-13 days)
Jakarta, Indonesia (9-14 days)
Manila, Philippines (6-17 days)
MIDDLE EAST (Jordon, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yeman)
Aqaba, Jordon (20-27 days)
Shuaiba, Kuwait (20-26 days)
Shuwaikh, Kuwait (20-26 days)
Ashdod, Israel (21-27 days)
Haifa, Israel (20-27 days)
Beirut, Lebanon (21-33 days)
Doha, Qatar (22-28 days)
Dammam, Saudi Arabia (10-21 days)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (10-22 days)
Lattakia, Syria (22-30 days)
Tartous, Syria (30-33 days)
Abu Dhabi, UAE (20-26 days)
Jebel Ali, UAE (15-20 days)
Dubai, UAE (18-24 days)
Khor Al Fakka, UAE (20-22 days)
Aden, Yemen (18-25 days)
Hodeidah, Yemen (19-29 days)
SOUTH AMERICA (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela)
Buenos Aires, Argentina (32-38 days)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (30-43 days)
Santos, Brazil (28-34 days)
Paranagua, Brazil (30-41 days)
Montevideo, Uruguay (30-41 days)
San Antonio, Chile (26-34 days)
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (29-39 days)
AUSTRALASIA (Australia, New Zealand)
Sydney, Australia (14-21 days)
Melbourne, Australia (12-21 days)
Brisbane, Australia (16-21 days)
Perth, Australia (14-25 days)
Adelaide, Australia (18-28 days)
Hobart, Australia (21-35 days)
Auckland, New Zealand (16-32 days)
AFRICA (South Africa, Kenya Tanzania, Morocco)
Durban, South Africa (20-26 days)
Cape Town, South Africa (25-33 days)
Mombasa, Kenya (20-25 days)
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (24-32 days)
Casablanca, Morocco (30-40 days)
PACIFIC ISLANDS (Hawaii, Guam, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Fiji)
Honolulu, Hawaii (14-18 days)
Guam, Guam (14-18 days)
Lae, Papua New Guinea (23-28 days)
Honiara, Solomon Islands (28-33 days)
Noumea, New Caledonia (24-35 days)
Lautoka, Fiji (36-42 days)