At XMG we believe that a clients’ most valuable asset is identity. XMG utilizes the worldwide patented Couponabox pizza box in order to provide for clients who are wanting more to their pizza box advertising. A pizza box with easily tear off detachable coupons provides an extremely effective marketing tool for your clients business.

Our innovative and unique product range provides a gateway whereby your clients’ identity will be invited and introduced into the family home and work place. We can also produce other forms of food packaging to suit individual needs including coffee cup advertising. Clients have the flexibility of choice and artwork design having the option to use one or more of our high impact, cost effective marketing tools……

A. Pizza Box Advertising (The whole outside of the box)

Pizza box advertising is a dynamic and unique way to advertise your clients’ brand. This medium includes the option of printing on the easy tear off detachable coupon spaces available on each pizza box at no extra charge. We can produce a number of high quality print solutions to suit each customers individual requirements including Basic, Photo and Digital Photo printing including a high gloss lamination finish. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities allow us to produce uniquely designed high end quality pizza box advertising far superior to anyone else….

B. Coupons / Vouchers / Business Cards (The perforated business card size spaces on the front)

Coupons / Vouchers / Tokens / Business Cards have proven themselves to be highly effective sales tools for business and have gained in both acceptance and popularity in recent times. Coupons will not only motivate the consumer to purchase a product but to take notice of your clients’ brand and a memory trigger at a later date. A well-designed coupon offer focusing on one particular product or service can generate a short-term boost in traffic. Establishing brand awareness is one of the long-lasting effects of a coupon promotion. In considering the fact that coupon usage rises as economies slide, now is the time to introduce your client to Couponabox…….

Business Cards on Pizza Boxes = Smart Marketing!

C. Inside Box Lid Printing 

Your clients brand/message is delivered to a consumers’ dinner table at prime time.  Inside lid printing ensures that your clients brand remains in full view for the duration of the dining experience……

D. Inside Stickers

At XMG we strongly believe that a client has the right of choice. To that end we also offer inside box stickers to promote your clients brand with a high gloss lamination finish.

QR Codes – Digital Integration Ready

XMG recognises that your client has the right to enjoy marketing tools which are inexpensive, green, create an opportunity for meaningful communication with customers and, most importantly, bring their marketing campaigns into the 21st century. QR Codes offer all of this and more. They are becoming an integral part of a businesses marketing and communications platform providing a wealth of customer information. No matter what your clients’ business needs QR codes will engage an audience, drive traffic to websites (or elsewhere), and build business. Pizza Boxes are the perfect vehicle by which QR codes can be utilised.

Pizza…… Some Interesting Facts:

97% of consumers aged 18-45 say pizza is their favourite fast food

      • The average pizzeria uses roughly 400 pizza boxes per week
      • Pizzerias deliver to a minimum 5 km radius
      • Over 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year
      • The average consumer eats pizza once a month
      • Pizza is the most popular eaten style of food
      • Pizza is the fastest growing food trend in Asia
      • Almost 70,000 pizzerias in the United States
      • Over 4,000 independent pizzerias in Australia
      • 100,000’s pizzerias worldwide
      • 93% of consumers eat pizza
      • 83% of pizzerias offer home delivery