Q. What is pizza box advertising?

Pizza box advertising is high impact ambient media that is delivered directly into the hands and into the homes of consumers. Your clients’ brand/message can be printed on top of the box, on the sides, on the easy tear off detachable coupons and or even the inner lid of the box.

Q. What is Couponabox?

Couponabox is a worldwide patented pizza box with easy tear off detachable coupons with a 100% success rate in increasing sales and consumer interaction. Due the high success rate with this patented product plus the number of pizzerias currently using Couponabox in their stores, all pizza box advertising campaigns are Couponabox.

Q. What print quality is available?

Pizza Box advertising is available in Basic Print (Flexo), Photo Quality (Hi-Res Flexo) and Digital Photo Quality (Litho).

Q. Can you do a full color photo quality box?

Absolutely. We offer Hi-Res Flexo and Litho full color process on the outside of the pizza box and Hi-Res Flexo printing on the inside lid. The printing will be photo color quality. This makes for an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, Litho print process requires more complex manufacturing and longer drying time, it is a much higher cost than the Hi-Res Flexo.

Q. Can we have a high gloss finish?

Absolutely. We offer a high gloss option in Hi-Res Flexo and standard on the Litho full color process over the entire pizza box. This makes for an extremely hi impact powerful marketing billboard that will definitely stand out from all other ambient mediums.

Q. How are the boxes distributed?

Boxes are distributed primarily via a number of independent and small pizza chains. Whether it be per city, state, region or nation wide we will deliver your clients’ message hot into the hands of consumers. XMG Media has partnered with leading pizza box manufacturers and distributors, XMG Media is the only comapnay that can oversees every process from manufacture to pizzeria.

We service all ports globally through our Sea Freight Logistics.

Q. What is the lead time?

Generally, we require 2-3 weeks prior to shipping. However, if you have a tighter schedule in which you need to work, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Q. How do we know the pizza boxes reach the consumer?

Deliveries are often made to stores once a week as pizzerias are tight on space. We supply pizzerias pizza box advertising FREE and other mediums at extremely discouted and competitive pricing structures that ensures 100% of boxes will reach stores and consumers.

Q. What are the requirements for submission of artwork?

We provide pizza box die lines and specifications. We accept digital artwork created with the Adobe Creative Suite (download artwork specifications below):

Q. Can I receive samples of past campaigns to check quality?

We can provide limited past advertising campaign samples as well as generic pizza boxes. Simply provide your freight company and account number and they will be despatched immediately.