Why Pizza Box Advertising?

Having identified the significant regularity and popularity of pizza consumption, coupled with the influence coupon advertising has already had on the modern day market place a merging of the two entities is not only viable but undeniable. Pizza box advertising gets your clients’ premium brand message delivered straight into the hands of their target markets both regionally and nationally in a uniquely direct manner.  It provides reliable, high impact, cost effective and expansive distribution to the homes of consumers.

Reliability ……

Imagine your clients’ brand/message being personally hand delivered to an occupied home straight into the hands of their target market. No more dependency on newspaper, magazine or flyer advertising which may or may not be received by the consumer……

High Impact ……

Pizza Box advertising is a unique way to offer high impact, ambient advertising to clients. It’s a walking billboard which will be delivered into the hands of, viewed and shared by on average of four or more people for 45 minutes…And viewed without the distraction of advertising from competitors – your clients brand stands alone with its own private audience. Different sized pizza boxes along with our varied product selections can be used to target different demographics providing a powerful, individualised advertising tool including the easily detachable coupons that can be easily stored in the home for future reference……

Cost Effective……

In the current economic climate cost effective and efficient forms of advertising have never been more important. Sadly newspaper readership is declining. No longer can print media be deemed a dependable and effective means by which your clients’ message can be circulated. Pizza box advertising on the other hand can provide such without your competitors marketing on the same medium. Whether it be branded messaging or coupon usage your client’s message is guaranteed delivery to persons with expendable income at a minimal cost…..

Expansive Distribution……

Pizza Box advertising will distribute your clients brand and message with ease and regularity. Over 93% of pizza stores worldwide have take away and/or delivery so must have pizza boxes to operate. This coupled with the fact that most families will eat pizza at least once a month tells us that pizza box distribution is not only far and wide reaching, but continual and in high demand.

Why Coupons?

Why Use Coupons/Vouchers/Tokens….Food for Thought…..

Regular use of good couponing will provide a steady stream of new customers and high quality sales leads

  • To Increase Number of New Customers ~ entice customers away from competitors
  • To Increase Sales of a Specific Product
  • To Increase Your Market Area ~ customers will travel far to redeem a coupon
  • To Increase Branding & Awareness
  • To Reward Current Customers and Entice Return of Former Customers
  • To Create An Opportunity to Up-sell a More Profitable Product
  • To Increase Impulse Purchasing
  • Higher the Income bracket, the higher the usage
  • Highly Measurable Form of Marketing
  • According to a Nielsen Survey of more than 25,000 respondents across 51 countries, using coupons was the second most popular saving strategy (Buying items on sale was first)

Reported use of coupons is greatest in North America (65%) and Asia Pacific (55%) which is rapidly growing. China/Hong Kong (67%), United States (66%), and Belgium (63%) are the three leading markets for reported coupon use, clearly illustrating coupon use across all 3 major continents. European consumers also widely use coupons within the continent.  More than half of consumers reported coupon use in several western and southern European countries, such as Belgium and Portugal (63%), Greece (55%), France (53%), and Spain (50%).

Income Coupon Usage

A recent Nielson report shows a breakdown of coupon usage per income bracket. With 60% in the $50,000+ income bracket and the highest percentage being the $100,000+ income bracket. This clearly shows that higher income earners are actually using coupons. This with a 48% growth in instant redeemable coupons clearly make pizza box advertising with easy tear off coupons an extremely powerful marketing tool.

22% | $100,000+19% | $70,000 – $99,99919% | $50,000 – $69,99911% | $40,000 – $49,99910% | $30,000 – $39,999

10% | $20,000 – $29,999

9% | <$20,000