20th Century Fox Pizza Box Advertising


Pizza box advertising is an innovative way to promote a product, service or message. Using this media format, advertisers are able to display large visual messages in a cost effective manner (an important factor in the current economic climate). People are also very time-poor nowadays with takeaway food thus being ordered more frequently and the reach of pizza box advertising consequently growing. These factors combined have made pizza box increasingly popular among advertisers.

Takeaway pizza is brought in to the home and it is eaten straight from the box. The dwell time of the advert on the pizza box is therefore high, as the box will remain on the table throughout the meal. Additionally, consumers often put any leftover pizza in the fridge and so a pizza box campaign would be seen again when the fridge is opened.

Pizza boxes provide a great canvas for creativity and some of the campaigns that we have previously run have incorporated pizza puns in a fun, light hearted manner. A campaign done by Tabletalkmedia for the 2011 Census included the tagline ‘Get Stuck In’ on the box. This message was aimed at university students who may not have previously known or taken part in the Census but the message obviously had a double meaning.

Another example of this was a campaign for ‘The Sitter’, a 20th Century Fox film. For films, advertising on Pizza Boxes is ideal as in the home, films and pizza go hand in hand. This pizza box campaign displayed a light hearted nature by including the cheeky slogan ‘What’s in your box?’ as seen in the above image.

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