Pizza Box Advertising Campaigns

XMG prides itself on providing professional quality and service for our clients. Our widely successful Couponabox Pizza Box advertising campaigns to date are a fine example of the high quality, unique and innovative advertising vehicle we offer. View some of the different advertising formats illustrated below including testimonials from advertisers, distributors and pizzerias.

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We used Couponabox as one of the marketing tools to launch Coke Zero. It was a great tool to ‘hit’ our store consumers at a local level. Coca-Cola

AMF Bowling Centres conducted a promotion utilizing Couponabox. The promotion contained printed coupons promoting two games and shoe hire. The promotion recorded a redemption rate of over 22% and was extremely successful.

The promotion was extremely successful for AMF Bowling Centres. Feedback received from Regional and Centre Managers was positive. AMF Bowling Centres would repeat this promotion in the future. AMF Bowling

The branding and exposure provided by this promotion was both unique and powerful, receiving a positive response from the Cellarbrations Retailers, Suppliers, Staff and Pizza Shop owners alike. The branding of the Pizza Box itself was impactful and professional, creating a point of difference for communicating retail liquor promotions & branding in a local market. We were able to measure the success of the promotion with consumers via the redemption offer. The results show that with the right offers they are very successful. Independent Brands Australia

Lithographic (full colour) pizza boxes are a good opportunity for high quality branding and product exposure. Telstra Bigpond

Independent market research conducted on our national pizza box advertising and sampling campaign showed 91% shared a pizza and 50% shared a pizza(s) with 3 or more people. The real success was measured by the 96% brand recall rate. Further more 80% of participants surveyed actually trialed the sample pack on the pizza. With 86% liking it and 84% likely to use again, it was a successful sampling campaign that has clearly communicated the versatility of Tabasco as a pizza condiment.

Overall specifically in terms of recall, recognition and response, a very successful campaign. Tabasco


Piping Hot, Straight to your front door. Now the whizkids at XMG have gone and sold advertising on the top of your pizza………well almost. Household names have signed up to Couponabox campaigns, giving them access to that most holy of Wednesday night holies; the pizza box. B&T Magazine

Getting your message out there is one thing, guaranteed viewing and recall is another. Couponabox is one of the most effective ways to deliver your message to your target market uninterrupted in full view for the duration of the dining experience. PMQ Magazine


Being a packaging distributor I wanted a product which has a point of difference to my competitors. Since taking on the Couponabox product my box sales in units per month has tripled. My customers are making use of the benefits which helps them add value to their customers and ultimately increase sales. I wouldn’t look back to the standard now these are available. Shawparth Enterprises

Couponabox has greatly assisted 131PIZZA in not only increasing member numbers through the ability for individual stores to advertise but also increasing awareness of the 131Pizza Brand through the redemption. Pizza Local Pty Ltd

Pizza Stores

I started using Couponabox by launching a self promotion on the generic Couponabox’s. My promotion offered $1.00 coupons on each pizza, redeemable for purchases of $25.00 or more. The redemption rate was an incredible 25% that increased my turnover more than 75% in twelve months. Fresco’s Pizza & Pasta

I was worried at first about Crust Pizza opening up the road but after pro-actively promoting on Couponabox we actually increased our sales instead of losing sales. Kensington Pizza

It’s not rocket science, customers like to feel special. Since promoting on Couponabox we have since increased our deliveries from 490 a week to 750 a week. Gallery Pizza